Monday, May 22, 2017

29844 kms in 4 weeks

It's been a crazy art time. 

That was me in Korea.  Solo Print exhibition.  Successful opening.  Great people.  Planning with another gallery to go back in 2019 for a group show.  

Next was Weyburn SK.  Adjudicated an art show and did a printmaking workshop.  More great people.

Ottawa. Opening of my Tulip paintings at Cube Gallery.  Oh, yeah, still more great people showed up. 

Castlegar BC.  Installation of Love Letter Bench Sculpture in collaboration with Les Potter.  You guessed it, more great people.

So, what is going on now?

That is not art yoga.  That is the template for a crosswalk that will be unveiled in Saskatoon in the near future. 

Oh, and in between, picked up a Canada 150 pin from Kevin Waugh, MLA, in recognition of my art, my teaching, and my community involvement.  Yeah, pretty cool little award.  

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Pop Bottle Chandeliers

My students and the students at Ecole Victoria School, through a grant from the Sask Arts Board, are working on pop bottle chandeliers, inspired by the art of Dale Chihuly.  I am doing an "Artist in the Schools" project that partners students with the Nuit Blanche - Saskatoon Event that is happening September 30 in Saskatoon. We are making as many pop bottle chandeliers as we can. At a recent preview event we were able to show off the first of our projects.

It takes many hours and many bottles to create a piece but when they are in the lights they are spectacular.


Komodo Dragon Cut Out Boards - Saskatoon Zoo

For this project we partnered with the Saskatoon Forestry Farm Park and Zoo and created cut out boards for the new Komodo Dragon Exhibit. Super fun project. Thank you to all the students that spent their break times, weekends, before and after school to complete the project for our deadine.